A Note To Remember


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I came to life, I’ve conquered, I’ve loved and been loved, I’ve deceived and been deceived, I’ve won, I’ve lost,,, I’ve lived !

Throughout the years, people came around and went out but only few stayed, the real ones, even when we are apart for some reason they will stay despite of all the words said and left unsaid, despite of all the arguments & misunderstandings we had & will still have, despite of all the disappointments that may have happened, they will stay, because as soon as u meet them again u forget all what happened, because anything else doesn’t matter anymore except that moment when u feel them around u, alive, smiling, hearing their voices, living and caring, because no matter how hard it was, the distance, or to be apart for a while, sometimes the distance is a blessing because only then u know how they have a big important part and impact in your life, they are a part of ur soul and how can u live without ur soul?

For those special souls, I’m grateful forever for knowing u and letting me be part of ur lives, dreams, hopes, ur ups and downs, ur laughter and tears, even if we aren’t speaking for some reason, u are and will always be a part of my thoughts and prayers, u are and will be always missed, u are and will be always loved and cherished and no power in the world can change that, never.

To my family, my big family, if I had the chance to choose one I definitely wouldn’t choose any other, the most loving, caring and supporting family I’ve ever seen. I’m blessed to have been born in such an amazing one from the oldest to the youngest.

Everyone has that someone special that adds to their life a meaningful aspect, that pushes u through and makes u stronger to face anything u may face, to understand more urself and ur reason of existing. To this special person I say thank u for always being there even from far, even though there are lots of things left unknown, unspoken, mysterious, even though lots of life issues are making the distance bigger, even though I got too attached sometimes, even though I feel too much sometimes,,, thank u for proving to me that I have someone to count on, someone who cares, who is fighting his own battles and his own darkness everyday yet he is somehow around, and if I got sometimes too weird or too jealous or too suspicious, because sometimes u know how to drive people crazy, and it’s out of selfishness because I would like to keep those special things we share and do all mine. Know that even when u don’t talk u’re heard, when u push people away u’re understood and when u’re in ur darkest hours u’re thought of.

At the end my life would never be the same without my friends and family, no regrets except for the moments that I’ve been distant or disappointing to my closest ones, so remember me and “if I die young burry me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me down in the river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song,,, the ballad of a dove, go with peace & love, gather up ur tears, keep them in ur pocket, save them for a time when u’re really gonna need them!”

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