A Perfect Day

2012-10-14 11.57.38

It was 7.00 am. The warm sun was already shining on my face and the smell of the coffee was so good that I woke up from bed in a second. I felt that a great day was about to start.

I was enjoying my coffee while sitting on my swing chair, admiring the beauty of the green valley in front of me, feeling the cool breeze on my cheek and listening to my favorite relaxing morning music.

An hour passed and it was time for some typical breakfast. I always enjoyed making the breakfast while almost everyone was still sleeping. Once ready, I woke them up to eat all together. It is the moment when everyone greet each other and wishing to each other to have a blissful morning leaving all the worries of yesterday’s events behind to start a new day with new hope and new inspirational ideas and activities.

After a perfect breakfast, everyone went to start their day in their own way. For me, a relaxing walk in the nature always seemed enough to begin my day. I never got exhausted; however I stopped from time to time to admire the beauty in front of me, to cultivate different kind of flowers or to take some pictures of the landscape.

Although the sun was fairly warm, grey clouds in the sky started to appear out of nowhere making the sun rays disappear little by little. I could feel the smell of the wet ground after a rainy night. And the rainbow formed above me, heading from South to North sides, warned me that it could start to rain again. So I decided to go back home.

When I was getting closer to home, little drops of rain started to fall. I was happy feeling the rain washing my face and never annoyed. By the time I reached home, the storm began. I set up the fire in the fireplace and went to take some rest. Amazing how I was feeling so warm in that cold stormy weather going on outside with all the lightening and thunders. I lighted some candles in case the electricity went off after spending my afternoon preparing a nice dinner with some dessert for a long evening.

The best moment in the day arrived.  After eating, we all gathered around the fireplace with candles all around, some are lying on the couch; some are sitting on the floor, sharing talks and laughs and drinking hot coffee. There was of course a time for playing, a time for singing and a time for dancing. After a long night of fun activities, everyone was exhausted. While sharing the last story for the evening, we closed our eyes getting ready to start a new tomorrow. And while there was no more light other than the light of the fire still burning, the whole family was asleep warmly and happy. Welcome Home !

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