2014-03-01 14.56.33-1

“I love you”….

Just when I felt that my world will stop and only few moments were left before the takeoff, the words were out of nowhere. I looked into your eyes and all becomes clear. All the doubts and fear disappeared. For the first time I saw the reflections of my own feelings through your eyes.

Wrapped in your arms hiding my tears, I felt your heart beats. It was like I just owned the whole world. And in a flash of a second, all what I have been through come back.

You were right beside me in my weaknesses and strengths, in my sadness and happiness.

You are my secured shelter and my own way of defining companionship, peace and love….What could I say, how I can find the right words to describe:  My angel, my savior, my life, my refuge….My home….My everything….No, even more than that. I’m overwhelmed!

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