How Would You Know


When u like someone…so much…u will try to give the best of what u could give to that person. U will try to make every moment spending with him worthy because no one seems to make ur time as much enjoyable, lovely and great as him.

U will make silly excuses just to call him or see him or just talk to him about anything and everything because he’s the only companion u would feel that u are urself around with.

U will feel the sunshine in the world even in the darkest stormy rainy days.

U will try to confront him in his saddest moments when he would feel down just to cheer him up, being there in his angriest moments when he would scream just to let him get away from his anger, sharing his happiest moments when he would smile and laugh which will let u feel completely satisfied.

U won’t care about people’s opinions because u trust him and nothing else in the world would matter. U won’t mind if you care too much and show it. U would face ur fear only if he would be there, grab your hand and lead you to face it because u’ll know that he wouldn’t let you down.

U would go upset sometimes when u can’t communicate because as crazy as it may seems u want to make sure that he’s safe and well in every step of his way.  And when he’s not around, you would stay awake waiting or sleep worried only if sleeping gets you.

U won’t mind to show up the second he calls for ur help, u won’t mind to cross miles just to stay beside him if he would get sick to take care of him and make sure he would become better.

U will share with him every success and encourage him about all of his ambitions and will feel a little sad for these moments when u couldn’t be there for him especially those great ones of a person’s life: graduations, career, promotions, marriage, new baby coming…

U will be his first fan and will try to always let the best of him shine to the world, u will want from the whole world to see him the way u do because, for u, it is the perfect image of and for him.

U will support him but advise him when u feel he might go the wrong way sometimes.

U will feel ur world is complete having him in ur life. U will appreciate him for the person he is not waiting anything in return.

That’s how u’ll know…that u like someone.

And if you are lucky, u will feel so blessed and overwhelmed when realizing that this person likes u too for all those same reasons. When it happens, hold on to that person and never let him go because u might have found ur true best friend, even better, ur soul mate for this life.

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