Only A Second

2014-03-01 14.58.37-1

Although you were so cold to me, you didn’t even talk to me, but to feel you sitting so close to me, to feel your arms resting on mine, holding me closely, sometimes brushing my shoulder and sometimes touching my hair with your warm fingers while you were sleeping, was an extremely overwhelming, joyful, peaceful and securable experience that I would definitely gladly hope seeing it coming real someday, even if when getting closer to you or holding your hand in my turn, you seemed to get away.

It lasted for a while however I felt it like an endless moment. I wished it could never end. But like if someone called after me so I hardly manage to set your arm free in order to go.

And when I came back, my chair where I was sitting was on the ground and yours seemed so far away from where it was. I went and brought my chair back to its place and sat again next to you and took your hand to hold me again and so it was. But it was like I knew nothing would be the same again as before, I woke up sadly but satisfied from these emotions capturing me.

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