Tell Me Why

Peaceful Life

Tell me why when seeing the morning sun rises from behind the high mountains lighting little by little the dark road, I saw the reflection of your beautiful face in the rays and wanted to greet you every morning with every sun rising.

Tell my why when seeing the crystal sparkles on the deep blue sea, I saw your face shining at the horizon and wanted to get lost in there until I find it.

Tell me why when watching the greenery of the nature from home and hearing nothing but the silence, I saw your peaceful face and wanted to sit with you there sharing a conversation about anything and everything with a cup of coffee and enjoying the view.

Tell me why when hearing the acceptance of the bride shyly said and the congratulation words that came after, I saw your smiling face impatiently waiting to stand beside me and wanted to hold on to that moment and that feeling forever.

Tell me why when seeing the joy mixed with “someone’s missed” tears in my father’s eyes I saw your comforting face and wanted to hold you so tight.

Tell me why when being in the car during the rainy storm, I saw your serious face carefully on the road with your worrying eyes constantly checking on me and wanted for this ride to last longer.

Tell me why when hearing this amazing song in the concert, I saw your charming face enjoying and feeling every word in that song like I did and wanted to listen to it over and over and over again while resting my head on your shoulders feeling your embrace.

Tell me why when watching this certain scene in the movie when the loving and supporting wife is sleeping in the arms of her husband, I saw your proud face looking at me with eyes full of endless words to say and I wanted to sleep in your arms feeling your heart beating every night for the rest of my life if I would be yours someday.

Tell me why when being sick in bed with cold and heavy rain outside, I saw your tender face with compassion in your eyes struggling not to cry giving me hope, strength and courage to get better and I wanted to hold your warming hands and never let go to know that you wouldn’t dare to leave me alone again.

Tell me why it’s always you in my head, in my heart and in my soul, and no matter how hard I tried to let you go I always fail.

Tell me why I just told you the answer but couldn’t ask for mine.

Tell me why I’m ready to accept what I am getting and keep going……hoping….

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