What for

It does not matter how many people she surrounds herself with.
It does not matter how many times she goes out there for having fun, or, at least, that’s wt she pretends to do.
It does not matter how good life is at home, or what she pretends to be like home.
It does not matter how fine her work is. It does not matter whether or not she is happy, satisfied.
The only thing in her mind, the only question is “what for”.
What for if she feels loneliness the whole time,they all left her lying there on the ground waiting for someone to give her a hand.
What for if all wt she sees is how cruel world can be, people leaving, people lying, people dying, people killing,,,all this insecure mad bitter world where mercy does not exist anymore.
What for if the home she always knew would vanish in a second leaving her without a shelter above her head and what for if she wakes up one day to realize that her world turned upside down and left her with nothing at all. The bottom of line, everything scares her yet the urge feeling to fight the struggle for a hope of better day to share and live, keeps her walking and moving forward.
And with the help of her beautiful perfect angel,the one behind her inspiration&strength,the one she lives for,she will seek happiness and peace and let it shine to the world in a time where darkness is the master of all.

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