In a Moment of Clarity


At the end of the day, he lied awake in his bed, thinking, wondering, remembering,,, life was a lot better back then, he had almost everything he wanted.
Of course his ambitions were never satisfied, but he had lived the dream life he wanted to keep.
He survived through a lot, life was simple but never easy.
He is always in struggle, God only knows what he’s been through.
He builts a wall around him, a shelter from the world around.
He never and will not let people walk through this door, even his closest ones.
He prefers to face his demons on his own. He always seem to walk on a dark path, that only him knows the end of it, or maybe he doesn’t even have a clue about it.
His ego and pride always put him in conflicts. People tries so hard to understand him but he keeps on pushing them back.
He does what he does in the way that he wants and in the times he chooses. He’s his own death.

And I watched, from a distance, I stood through out all this time and watched him.
I’ve tried in so many ways to just be there. I’ve helped as much as I could because I was always involved.
But he wants to be free, living in his own will, not accepting the ones that were and still are around.
It is kind of exhausting when u fight someone else’s battle while fighting for ur own.
He wants to be left alone, and loneliness is all he would get in the end, in a moment of clarity !

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