“The places you have come to fear the most”


A nice title for something i faced today, i got this threatening sms that was not for me of course but it was about some woman cheating on her husband and this new guy is threatening to expose her if she did not reply. And it got me thinking why do we cheat on each other? Is it temptation? desire? The fear of losing our self esteem?

For me, nothing is acceptable when it comes to cheating, but there are lots of ways and reasons some people do it, or should i say most people.
I know that some things can be forgiven but when it comes to cheating by falling in love with another one, this can’t be forgiven.

I watched the other night a movie about this, the husband cheated on his wife by sleeping with another woman, it was desire and temptation and all about sex, the wife cheated on her husband by admitting to another man about her feelings for him and how she can’t stop thinking about him specially when things turn bad for her.

And although they did not have sex but her cheating is more unforgivable than her husband, him cheated once by having sex and it was just physical that ended as soon as the night ended, but her it is an everyday cheating as she will be wanting the other man all her life and thinking about him.

The movie ended with her crying and sitting alone when her husband came home and they hugged like nothing happened. He will always carry with him the sin he made as she will always think about the other one everyday but their relationship will never be again the same safe harbor it was once.

What i think is that at any pt of a couple’s life, there is struggle, but if ur not brave enough or strong enough or love each other and understand each other enough u will not make it. So it is a big decision and a huge step to know that u find ur other half, to be certain of it, but when u do, hold on tight to it as it is indeed the best feeling ever, because u will invest in creating the second environment for the second family u will have for the rest of ur life.


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