Winter Morning


To feel hope, purpose, encouragement and positive vibes when you wake up in a lazy cold morning was all what i wanted since a quite time for now.

it’s good to feel appreciated and fun and easy to be around with and loved with your entourage, people always thought that being nice and good all the times is a naive character, but am telling you it’s as nice and great and amazing as it sounds. Feeling the peace inside of you comes out to the world is a blast.

In those last few days I had struggling thoughts and feelings about the past and what could have or have not been, and all these memories of beautiful innocent scenarios that only happened in my dreams and hopes, i realized that i have been blessed by beautiful growing loving family, amazing friends that we stand for each other no matter what and a good carrier with good reputation. And that is enough for me to wake up each morning for a new purpose and new tasks to fulfill for my journey.

Yes i still have these teenage obsessions sometimes when i feel that i need the whole world to hear me out, to be a fan for something or someone, and it’s kind of fun and challenging. But on the other hand, i am focusing more on educating myself more, read, write, do what i love.

We all set resolutions when the new year comes, the challenge is to keep setting them and accomplish them, so i will try this year to make that happen.

Each day i will try to write anything that comes to mind as i believe its my best cure ever, inspired from anything and everything, and i will simply enjoy my life with people that stood around even after many ups and downs including you. it’s kind of funny the idea how i began this, writing to you letter each day, or whenever an event occurred, it becomes like a shelter to me, my refuge and my home i turn to whenever needed. it did never turn me down.

Till Kingdom Come !



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