Life Lessons


Today was a day of taking responsibilities, and it came at so many levels. It was a bit challenging but it was the right thing to do. Everyone can make mistakes, the courage is to take the blame for your own actions.

At work, i had to set the example to others and admit the wrong i did and bear the consequences. And it felt right.

On the other hand, when you do something gd and you are appreciated, you also have to set the example by motivating yourself more and be humble and accept the compliment and try to reach greater goals.

It’s not at work only, even in personal life i have dealt with many mistakes I’ve made, many disappointments and many accomplishments. From mistakes I’ve learned the discipline, from disappointments I’ve learned the persistence and from accomplishments I’ve learned the fight.

You were my biggest challenge but i learned to rise above all desire and be the friend, the companion and the better person i am now.

I have not done yet anything so remarkable, and i am still learning to find out my place in this world, but i know one thing for sure, my strength comes from strong believes that i can and will do something worthy, maybe it will not be that important to the world but for me it will be the world because i have the will.

You inspire me at so many levels, i learn from your mistakes, your strength, your will and your survival even when you did not have the faith or hope within yourself. I hope one day you see what i see and you believe wt i believe.

Till Kingdom Comes !

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