Matters Of Growing Life


Growing up is when you have the chance to go party all night, instead you choose to spend a nice cozy night with some of your closest ones, reading something interesting, enjoying a nice cup of coffee or having some wine.

And while the rest of the world is going crazy and loud, you just sit there happy for the calm evening you are spending after a busy day at work.

Now i know what you did mean when you said to me this. Now i know that this is something special and peaceful and joyful to experience.

I always admired how you prioritize things you did in your daily life. How you had time to read local and international news to stay connected, how you managed to reach a dream you always wanted and how you always had time for your friends.

But sometimes, life can put us through difficult times that made us stop and instead of taking a breath and continue forward, we see ourselves left way behind.

I understand why sometimes it is difficult to stay strong and keep walking, i understood and stayed around. I even tried to pull you up but there should be a will to have a way.

Sometimes we get involved and get carried out by the many negative events happening around us but i guess it should be the reason for us to fight, to exist, to be and to live.

Victor Hugo wrote in his classical novel “Les Miserables” something that is so much valuable and true that anyone in any generation or era will face, and i think he was damn right about it, i just hope people understand its meaning, because in it, lies the truth of all societies and the truth of inner peace:

“La société est coupable de ne pas donner l’instruction gratis ; elle répond de la nuit qu’elle produit. Cette âme est pleine d’ombre, le péché s’y commet. Le coupable n’est pas celui qui y fait le péché, mais celui qui y a fait l’ombre…

…Ne craignons jamais les voleurs ni les meurtriers. Ce sont là les dangers du dehors, les petits dangers. Craignons- nous nous-mêmes. Les préjugés, voilà les voleurs ; les vices, voilà les meurtriers. Les grands dangers sont au dedans de nous. Qu’importe ce qui menace notre tête ou notre bourse ! Ne songeons qu’à ce qui menace notre âme”

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