“The Untethered Soul”


I don’t know why the picture of a deserted lighthouse always gets first to my mind when i think about the soul, the quiet, the inspiration a person is seeking to have, i guess it is as peaceful as we see it in images.

I was watching Sunday Soul today and there was that book that the writer talks about “The Untethered Soul”. It was such an amazing title that makes you really believe that you can reach a freedom and inner peace that you did not know it existed if you only release your soul and listen to the things happening around you and just be happy that you are alive, that you exist in a beautiful world despite all negativity that is happening.

We have the power to change within ourselves, and by doing that we feel the world is changing to our benefits, and with that we find happiness in our path.

This is what i needed to end my weekend with, a reminder that my happiness should not be reliable to people’s action or reaction, and i should not expect anything to feel am satisfied.

Yesterday, when i was with my cousins and my friend at some bar, they hit me with some advice that i should not go back down that road again with you, and they are right about that. I mean, nothing good came from me trying the best that i can, and even more, to make u feel happy, comfortable and loved, when you did not care the least. Why this should be my concern again if u wont accept my help or love.

I guess in the past few months i lived a more stress free time that i had since 4 or 5 years from now. I did not have to worry about any calls, any chats, any hanging outs, and i focused more about what i love to do, i focused more on people who cared and really stayed. And i guess it was deliberating. It was healthier and easier to focus on the smiles and love i got to get from my other surroundings where you did not exist.

I don’t know about you, but i feel that it was the same for u too, to get away from me, from our relationship that was. Maybe for u it was not that big deal but considering our current situation, i guess it did mean something to you too and you are just not yet ready to turn the page with no return.

And although i miss u like hell everyday and i miss all what we shared throughout all those years, i feel that it is best for us this way, to know that we are not to upset each other or disappoint each other, to check on each other from time to time, and that’s it. it not bitter nor sweet, but it is enough. It’s soul untethering.

Till Kingdom comes !

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