Only If

If i would to tell you, i would say how my day at work was good, people actually are nice and funny and caring, well most of them, because u know there will always be that someone who wants u to trip and fall.

I would tell u how the feeling of rain coming down while driving home was so wonderful and peaceful despite the traffic i was stuck into it, i remembered those rainy stormy days when no one would go out except crazy people like us, specially in times when i did not have any car yet. I always loved those days.

I would tell u that i dont know who was Davide Blowie but i guess he was some kind of legend. And all those crazy events happening around us, we would discuss them and sometimes agree to disagree about some stuff.

I would tell u that there is noting more i would want after a long day at work is coming home and to have a relaxing time over wine and maybe a movie or small talks or just laying there on a couch.

I would tell u that am thinking about something that might make a difference in people’s life, at least i hope it would reach as many people as it gets.

And so many little things how stupid they might be. This would be the perfect world to me, my home.

But i guess we’ll never have this again, won’t we?

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