What doesn’t kill you,,

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“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”,,, I’ve always thought about this expression but i never realized how meaningful and truthful it is.

For so many years, i thought that our relation-friendship is the only solid and strongest point in my life. you were always a part of my life that was nice and amusing. But with all complications that we faced, this fact became to change.

i tried so hard to understand you, i tried so hard to be what you want me to be. but i guess i could not reach that successfully. you are someone so arrogant sometimes that u don’t even care about anyone that urself or anything except what is for ur benefit. and honestly i don’t blame u anymore.

Honestly I don’t !

For the whole 4 or 5 months now that we’ve been apart, i realized that i don’t need u around just to feel strong or happy or alive. all i ever needed is me trusting in myself and my capabilites of what i can and will do.

One day i will make something incredible for my life, for me, and although it will be so hard not to share it with you every step of the way, i will not regret not having u around to encourage me and experience it with me.

You had 5 years to be there for me like i did for u, but u chose not be get so involved or attached to that. And i guess as strange as it may seem i thank u for that. Because i would not be able to figure it out on my own if u were still around, taking all my senses away, even my mind that was nothing inside of it except u, how u feel, how to make u happy, how to make u stay, how to maintain the relation we had.

So now, after sharing with me what you have been doing lately, i felt nothing ! no jealousy, no sadness, no upsetting thoughts about the things u are doing without me being a part of it. And for that i really thank you.

Life goes on, and i am blessed of knowing where i stand and what i am capable of. And time will come when u will have to rethink about what your behavior have done to us, the same as i did of mine.

Is there will be a day that we will go back to where we were? i don’t think so. but i know that we are more mature and more experienced in this field that we can and will do overcome all what happened, to overpass all those hurting words we said, all that dizziness and ups and downs we faced.

And with that, i can end this obsession that i had once of the idea of u and our friendship.

Cheers for that !

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