Stormy Thoughts

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Tonight is the night of ur big day tomorrow. It is stormy and cold as u, weird no?

I remember 3 years ago, on the same date as today, we were celebrating you. we had a nice evening. i remember that for me it meant the world since it was the second time we celebrate you. For u of course it was a normal celebration that maybe u won’t even think of especially that u were a little dizzy when u came to meet us.

I remember how it was a big deal for me to be part of ur big day, i always thought that it represents how important i am for u. But now i realize that it was just my mind acting like it needs and wants us to be.

I know now that u can’t force urself or ur wants on anyone’s burden unless they are truly willing to be what you hope them to be.

And for that, this year, i will try something differently than the usual and i will do it the way many others do it, to only wish u the best and turn my back.

Secretly, i will wish that you will prove me that u still care, even when i am acting that i don’t. And secretly i will wish that on my day next month you will think of me like i always do, even if this year will not be like the previous ones.

At the end, i wish for u always the best, the joy, the success, everything u wish for, and no matter how life would leave us, u will always my best friend be for a big part of my life, and i will always wish u the best and more because despite everything, u do not deserve less than perfection and happiness.

Happy Birthday my friend !


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