Just Another Day

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Did you get one of those days when people makes u uncomfortable because they keep on asking u or saying that u seem not feeling well? And the truth is that ur not feeling that bad but u’re not feeling that goods neither. And while it lasts, u are feeling upset about those remarks or questions more than u are with ur unsettled mind.

I mean am not complaining, there is nothing going on with me that i should compalin about. My life is somehow,,,stable.

Am having my little routine during weekdays. Going to work while i get to see people i like there and enjoy the duties and new challenges i face everyday. I love my job, it’s like going to my second home for around 9 hours every day. I enjoy it. Yes sometimes, people there get me on my nerves, but they are almost friendly and welcoming and funny people. they’re family, almost all.

When i go back home in the evening, and after spending some time with my family, i read articles i retweeted during the day for subjects & titles that interested me, just to keep myself on track with local and international news, new discoveries, tourism sector,,,and sometimes i reward myself in tweeting to my favorite followings i have, that ends of course with some disappointment of not getting noticed,,but its not important because i get to express and say what i want to say without any fear of who might or might not read it.

I would end my long weekday in a little writing and watching my favorite tv shows or some movie, and then go to sleep, sometimes while my tv is still on to emerge in a world of my own, a world of my dreams.

And if am lucky enough, just like last night, i would dream about you, in a world that is so beautiful, the sun would be shining, and i would feel the cool spring of sea water with a magnificent landscape, and we would be sitting next to each other, so close that i could feel ur arms wrapped around me, and i would go order for a couple of beer for us to just drink and chill. It was nice and so real that i could still feel ur presence next to me.

Then comes the weekends, sometimes with friends, sometimes with cousins, in a cafe, or a bar having couples of martini, or over friends’ home having wine & cheese evenings.

So you see, i can’t even complain about my life, or how it ended for me. Yes i still have big ambitions and dreams to fulfill, as to travel for a start, and i am still figuring out my purpose in my life and in those around me. My life isn’t just about u, or how we treated each other, even when i think about it every single day, even when i think about u every single day.

Yes, i wish that we could go back to where we were once, but i guess it would not allow me to grow and figure out myself or my purpose. And for that i am grateful, and i am blessed to know that ur not the reason why sometimes i feel down. The only reason i am a little down is that hormonal thing we have sometimes that changes the mood and make some over reaction towards the world around us, may God be with, help & protect people we meet at this stage.

At the end, people’s intentions might not always be harmful, especially people around you who love you and care for your feelings and happiness, but sometimes, they just need to know when to back off a little, to give a little space for the other to breath before stepping in again. And this is what i did !

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