This morning, when I was reading at work some of the live tweets of Chicago Fire and the crew, all I thought about is how amazing this world they create really seems to be.

Despite the fact that I can’t watch the episodes they are tweeting about from where I live, at least not the same time it is aired, I feel like I am living all those emotions they are talking about, and I can imagine how it is and what it is happening with the squad and people out there.

I’m still at the mid of third season, and the more I watch in each episode, the more I read in each tweet, I feel the danger, the excitement, the compassion, the reward of the rescue, the leadership, the friendship and the love in everything and everyone. I envy them, the lives the characters are living and the stories they are telling and the examples they are setting.

I know the stories of Chicago Fire are actually based on true facts, for that, I’m pretty sure that the world is not yet destroyed entirely.

From many series I got to watch for years, two only had made my list for inspiring ones. One Tree Hill and Chicago Fire (with all due respect to other series or shows as Friends, Revenge, The Mentalist,,,to name only a few). Those two remarkable series were written and produced by geniuses who were born to inspire people all around the world. The messages that they carry around are countless for what a human being is made of and what he experiences, whether it is mistakes, achievements or feelings.

I live in a region where humanity and love and good are almost forgotten, and soon might be destroyed completely if we do not act to change, since people are starting to lose their souls. I read today in an article that an elder homeless was found sleeping on the cold wet ground in the corner of a very busy street of my city, with nothing on him except his light clothes, and no one was helping or caring to help just because we live in a society where helping others will turn bad back at us while facing the authorities. It is sad and it is a huge shame !

So if you could just imagine that the world is ruled by minds and souls like those brilliant writers and the people are as the real crew that these stories are based on. Just Imagine having in your own town, in your own society, a leader like Chief Boden, a determined heart like Casey, a bravery like Severide, a love like Dawson, a soul like Hermann, a friend like Shay, a rescuer like Brett or Capp or any other member of the squad, a consciousness like Cruz (mixed with Zumba classes), a humor like Otis, an intelligence like Mills and mind like Mouch,,,add to that hospitals like Chicago Med, police departments like Chicago PD and a hometown like One Tree Hill, only then, the world would be just fine !

Only then we could rewrite our own history and say to our leaders we have already lost so much,,,one thing you’re not gonna lose is this city’s support !


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