Blessed Sunday

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It’s funny how you can be in a great mood just from the simplest things you have or do during a winter sunny off day.

I woke up today from an amazing dream where my supposedly crush was here inside my home and I was sitting really close to him and it felt good in a way that I did not want to wake up and lose this dream, lose him and his presence.

But like everything has an end, my dream ended the moment I heard the small talks of my family in the living room and could not sleep anymore. And it was enough for me to welcome a new day of living.

Slowly, I got up from bed and opened the windows to breath in the cold air outside and to let the golden rays of the sun lighting my room, while humming magical notes just like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella or Snow White did when they woke up each morning, at least, this is what the childhood stories of fairy tales tell us.

I decided that my day will be calm and peaceful just my dream, and indeed with the perfect company, it was funny and pleasant. Nothing special yet a memorable day, carefree, with a good laugh from the heart to the smile of an innocent cute baby that all she knows is people playing with her and smiling at her.

It was her smile that made my day complete. It was that moment when I realized that I will be just fine, no matter where or how life will turn to be for me. It will not matter if I will walk down the road alone, because I know that I have a purpose in living and a purpose for living. And if the purpose is to experience beauty and love in a paper and a pencil, than I will take this life, I will try to tell the stories I want to tell while enjoying the days I have, no matter how lame or silly they would be. At the end, they are just thoughts of daily normal human life, who wish to have only companionship in her journey.



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