Once upon a time, in a land not far away, lived a society whose people were so eager about their hospitality, kindness, acceptance, care & love for each other. They came from combination of different backgrounds, believes & sometimes even cultures, but the things they shared in common always tight them together


In cold winter nights, or under the starry summer nights, they would gather around a chimney or a campfire telling stories, singing, dancing, nothing to worry about. Inside their minds & thoughts, all those beautiful innocent & peaceful scenes of a child’s dreams, all the love & passion of a couple’s hearts sneaking around for some steeling time away from the world.



The days were saved to all normal daily routine anyone would have, the funniest and best moments were harvest days in their territories, olives, grapes, everything they could plant, they grouped together to transform it to special events for enjoying and celebrating their hard working while children were playing around freely in the fields



The most memorable moments were those of the holidays shared and spent together with traditions that come from hundreds of decades ago.


They would share grieve & happiness, be together in sickness and in health.

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In one word, their life was simple, full of love, modesty & humanity. No dark side to ruin their heavenly nights or days, nothing could harm their level of compassion for each other. It was greater than any grey cloud in their sky.

Until one day, everything changed.

The picture from above was dizzy. If one looked closer, he could find a clearer image of what really scattered this little paradise. Innocent children, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins,,,were being violently killed. Some invaders, who are not even close of being creatures, are calling out for believes that they don’t even understand. They don’t know the meaning of a human being. All they think they know and understand is the brutal killing & hallucinations of what they think is right and everyone else is wrong.


Due to the violence in the scene, black picture is just enough to share with all its meaning

Soon, this phenomena started to split people away from each other. They started to walk down a street that does not even exist anymore, like a ghost town. They were terrified, that’s for sure, but instead of coming closer together, they began fighting about their differences that suddenly became alive and the reason of their hatred.

Superior authorities were all tied up in their busy schedule of fighting about the most powerful district, the most powerful economy, the most powerful business, politics, person or party to rule over. They were so messed up to prove themselves that they can do anything, the invincible ones, and they forgot to set the example & bring all their people together to take down the one and only thing threatening their existence and Humanity itself: Terrorism !

Terrorism has no religion or solid belief. It could be taken down so easily. People were dying for the wrong causes, and most of the kingdom was just watching while it went on & on with no stop. One must make a decisive choice to stand against all this madness & violence. Then came “Soul” !

One day, he decided that his people needed a little reminder of what life was once. He stood in the middle of the kingdom’s arena & gathered as much people as he could to make his speech that would change a lot:


“We always lived with peace & quiet. We always lived with love & joy. We always saw the innocence in our children’s eyes. we always lived somehow in their magical world, we believed in it. And when we wanted a reminder for not worrying at all, we emerged ourselves with our kids in the created world of Alice, Marry Poppins, Von Trapp Family with their sound of music, and the world of Chantal Goya (only to name a few). These helped us maintain our balance and our perseverance in life. This world of ours has been shaken. Evil has taken over our homes, our minds and stolen our lives. It made us turn on each others, hate each others, blame each others. But are we gonna let it be? or are we gonna to fight as hell and reclaim our kingdom back, what was ours and what was raped from us?

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Erin Gruwell once wrote:

“No matter what race we are, what ethnic background, sexual orientations, or what views we may have, we are all human. Unfortunately not all humans sees it that way,,,

It could be easy to become a victim of our circumstances & continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely & break the chains of negative thoughts & energies, & not let ourselves sink into it,

,,,Silence ensure that history repeat itself,,,

,,,Evil prevails when good people do noting,,,

But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small way, turn on a small light in a dark room,

,,,The young people are the future of the world, & if we start with them first, if we educate & develop a sense of tolerance among them, our future, the future of this world, will be in good hands for generations to come,,,Because if they grow up holding into such terrible feelings, it could lead to another war come time in the future when the fate of the country is in their hands”

Respecting each other is the key to our true happiness, to our true love and to our true heaven. In the legendary myth of Troy, King Priam wise and strong words when claiming the body of his dead son were nothing but braveness and pride “Even enemies show respect”, and Achilles releasing Prince Hector’s body to the mourning father were nothing but nobleness. We, on the other hand, we did not even had enemies, we believed in good, love and respect. Our world was just fine. So let us recreate our heaven, let the light shines from within to the world and our land will have peace for generations to come.


Gibran Khalil Gibran said “I love you, whoever you are, whether you worship in your church, kneel in your temple or pray in your mosque. You & I are all children of one faith,,,” the faith of a greater power that keeps us together, makes us move forward and believe in ourselves. It does not matter how & where we see this power. It does not matter nor make a difference if we are black, white, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Lebanese, American, Africans, Europeans, Asians,,,or any other identity or nationality or faith. It only matters if we accept, love and respect each other.

We are here in this world for a reason and a cause, let us help each others to be better humans. Let us focus on the real problems we should worry about and that affect on all of us regardless from what part of the world we live in. Climate changing, pollution, natural disasters, animal protection,,,all these need our attention. If we don’t realize it soon, there will be no more kingdom, no more planet for us to live in. So let us fight the right fight and not be afraid of death, for the sake of our survival and the generations to come after us:

“And some people thinking that the ends is close by

Instead of learning to live they are learning to die

When I go to my grave my head will be high

Let me die in my footsteps

Before I go down under the ground”

My last words would be to all those who are trying so hard to shut us down & destroy the voice of reason and consciousness inside of us “You will not shut my faith, You will not kill my soul, You will not silence my word !”

With that, Soul and his people could end this war. It was not easy, it was not without costs they all had to pay, but it was totally worth it for Humanity and their kingdom. With love, respect and faith they could become undefeated. And they lived happily ever after !





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  2. johncoyote says:

    Powerful and worthwhile words shared. I liked the artwork and knowledge shared.

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