International Women’s Day


There are lots of women that inspire us everyday, in a way that if we want to talk about them we can write books and books about them and about their struggles and stories on how they became stronger to stand about rights, women’s right all over the world. No matter the color of their skin, their background, their believes, there are lots of women through out history who inspired and still inspire us to become the best we could, to act as human being and be treated this way.

I won’t talk about those popular and famous women, instead I will mention few of the women in my life who were and are true inspiration in my eyes.

Being at my thirties, I have some friends who got married and have families on their own, and who are working too. In these days and those circumstances we always faced in my country, if you want to start a family, both husbands and wives must be working, as one income is never enough if you want to start family and raising babies. And being a single working woman, I know how it is hard to work all day and return home tired and sometimes stressed, so what if you will have to come home for hungry children, teaching, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the house work and relax with husband. It is really exhausting just to think about it, let alone to live it. So for those working mothers, I admire you for the strength and commitment you have for your paid and unpaid jobs. You are true inspiration.

Beside your family, you get to grow around teachers who will affect you sometimes more than your own parents. And if you’re lucky enough, you will get to learn about life in every aspect from inspiring teachers that will beat the hell out of you and challenge you to spread your wings and become greater and better. And you’ll know it when you can still remember their advises and their exact words of wisdom from decades till now as if you’re hearing them this same moment.

I consider myself lucky enough to have known personally one of my grandma’s. She was the symbol of complete and unconditional sacrifice, love, strength, cleverness, tenderness,,,all this with literacy, because in their times, the women should get married and raise a family, nothing more. But I can say that she was more a woman than most of the women of our times, when technology and knowledge are almost 100% taught to all. Married in young age, having seven children to raise and a husband whose most of his interest was gambling, she had the heart of an ocean and the strength of dozens of men without even be able to read or write. This is true inspiration even back then ! My other grandma was of same strength and inspiration that I knew of only from stories my mama would tell us from time to time as she died before I was even born.

But my true idol and the queen of Women’s Day people, would be definitely my mom. Raised in a family of nine children and being the eighth, she learned how to defend herself and stand for her rights no matter what, in a time when it was a shame for a lady to think or act for her own if she was still at her parent’s home. Being introduced to responsibilities and adult duties since her younger age, made her the fiercest women on earth: taking care of her own mother who was dying, and her own father too and her younger sister who was just a baby when her mother got sick from cancer, learning to be wiser and stronger, marrying her true love and raising a family of her own the best she can. All this and more make her to be the most respected women in my eyes, she learned and tought and fought to give the best for her family. for that I wish someday I would be even for a small part as great as she is. Long live my queen in women’s day, my mom!


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