Aspire to Inspire


Today is the day we celebrate teacher’s day here in my country. A moment of appreciation & gratitude to all those great teachers who have enlighten so many minds & souls around the world.

For me, I would not have become the way I am today without my teachers who were my guidance and mentors throughout my years of school and university education. The thing that I can still remember their advises and their words to us in their own voices in my mind is nothing than a solid proof of how they inspiring they were to us, and some still are. For that I am thankful and blessed for having them once as my teachers.

Some say you can learn from many different aspect, from family, friends, life, circumstances and even from your enemies. It’s all true, as the biggest and meaningful lessons you learn is dealing with all of them. They are the biggest school for your existence and behavior towards anything you face in this life.

But the biggest teacher for me was you. you were my inspiration for strength and responsibility, you were my guidance for life, you were my way of realizing that each day passing we grow up and become more mature, that we surpass anything in life, even if we are disappointed or are the disappointment. You taught me how to become less sensitive about things, and more like “take it easier”.You are so cold sometimes but you carry a big heart that never stops to show for the people who truly know you. For that i am blessed and grateful for having to know u this much and being a part of ur life. For that I thank u and no matter how life turns to be for us, keep on shining your own light. And someday you will have it all.

Happy Teacher’s Day !


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