My Life “A La Celine” Way

On this day, 48 years ago, a remarkable angel was born: the one and only Celine Dion. And the world has been blessed ever since !

When u talk about the amazing  Celine Dion, you are talking about decades of a legend, decades of amazing songs and stories, decades of an incredible and unique voice that touched the heart of all listeners, decades of memories and love and inspiration in any kind of way.

For me, it is decades of sailing in a journey of memorable emotions.

In the beginning there was “Donnez-moi le monde un jour et tout ce qu’il faut pour ecrire une chanson“, the first song of young love i was dealing with at that time.

I sang along “il pense a moi je le vois je le sens je le sais“, and i draw a love story that was never lived but felt indeed: “je le vois prenant ma main chaque jour de mes jours,,,je vois bien que ce voyage voudrait le detour“,,, it only made me feel like i belonged more to some kind of fairytale:”c’est pour toi que je suis la“!

S’il suffisait d’aimer,,,Je me changerai en or pour que tu m’aimes encore” words that were carved into my heart for the intensity they represented at that time, when u’re dealing with a crush and you want to do anything and everything just to reach it, make it yours, only yours !

“You were my strength when I was weak,,,Because you loved me,,,,My heart will go on” who of us did not dedicate one of those two songs to someone dear? i know i did, because they are the voice of true love whether it is to a lover, a father or a mother.

“The power of love,,,it’s all coming back to me now,,,the one who wants to love you more” Every ups and downs of a love triangle i faced, that ended for me singing “All by Myself“, that evolved later to the statement of “On ne change pas” and “that’s the way it is“.

“En attendant ses pas” still my favorite morning moment till this day, for it represents a hope of what is coming up and it makes me looking up for the unknown future with a smile and a heart beat.

Then “A new day has come” indeed, with a fresh start till “Goodbye’s the saddest word I’ve ever hear” happens. Every new beginning will have to end somehow some day that will lead to another beginning, this is life and “taking chances” in this life is all what I got till “you loved me back to life”!

I hear the ticking of the clock, I’m sitting here, the room’s pitch dark” and I think through all these songs that I’ve listed, only to name a few from a huge discography and a lifetime of immortal songs, and I remember how i learned from them “All the way” to love, how to endure sadness from different aspects and faced life “Alone” with a little help of the incredible inspiring woman the world can ever have, a blessing and a voice for peace & love that is one of a kind !

Happy Birthday Celine, my idol !




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