Moment of sorrow

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I write tonight for sorrow. I was having in my mind so much of arguments and reproaches that I wanted to scream them and let them all out. Then I hear this thing from you, someone you know is actually dying and I just felt so stupid and silly for wanting to argue in the first place.

All seem meaningless now. The fact that you never ask me how I feel. Well I did feel bad this weekend, maybe it’s just my hormones, but I really wanted to hear something from you, some care, some good memories to make, just wanted to see your face, to hear your voice, and everything bad would go away. Every tear would disappear.

If you ever had the time to ask me about me, I would lay my head on your shoulder and it would be just enough.

But as usual, few words from you makes me forget every little issue bothering me.

And now hearing this news, I just want to hold you and be the shoulder for you. Because when I heard I had tears in my eyes even though I do not know the person. You are putting this strong face like you don’t care or like you need to keep on, but I know it affects you somehow. I know you care, and this face you wear you won’t have to show it to me.

I just wish I am with you tonight, for me, for you, for everything that is going on. I can’t risk losing another one close to me and so dear for me.

I hope everything will be good again. Like always, Till Kingdom Comes !

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