One moment


One moment with you was enough to forget everything, everyone in this world. I don’t know what happens to me when I’m around with you. I feel I’m a whole new person, a kid, a lady, a woman. Everyone stares at us like a couple, when we go together for shopping or gathering, I feel they all look at me seeing me happy, even more, overwhelmed, and they figure our by themselves.

But today,,,today was something else. I felt that you were different. It was you who invited me to come up for some food you prepared. It was you who was smiling and happy. It was you who for the first time since I’ve been going to your place that wanted to teach me how to play chess. I know maybe it’s nothing, but for me it was everything. You know I wanted to learn it so bad and maybe today was the day for me.

And I got to get a bonus too, for the first time you say your friends names to me when talking about plans or going out. The feeling was incredible, as if you finally took down the wall of the privacy taboo you are holding, even for just a little. A good turning of things today !

I don’t know if with you I need to think good or bad. So many things are crossing my mind but I want to believe, I need to believe everything in a positive way and to think that you are coming around finally. I’ve been waiting for so long now and I think I need you as much you need me, or at least if you dare to allow yourself to need me. I’m so deeply attached and I know somehow you are too, I just wish you find it the right way.

At the end, like always, I truly wish the best for you, I wish that things go better your way especially with work, and I wish you will find your way of happiness and peace.

Till Kingdom Comes, will always be yours, no one can change that even if certain circumstances or certain people will lead me to take some decisions to keep me apart from you.

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