The Voice Of The Unknown


What if I had a voice that is heard? This question is on my mind for a while. With all what is happening worldwide, it’s like the wrong is becoming right and the right is becoming wrong. I read all those people who actually have a voice that is heard defending what they believe in to the “haters” as they call them. And it makes me wonder, what if those “haters” who actually had it their own way stop attacking people of different opinions or believes. What if those people who are being attacked ignore the negative comments and don’t write back because I believe that they won’t understand them, they don’t want to understand the other and accept it.

I live in a country that is set to be from the third world, well actually, the third world at least have electricity 24 hours which we don’t. I live in a country where all politics except for a very very few work for their own benefits and their own profit speaking money wise. I live in a country, where sadly and shameful as it is, the garbage every once in a while becomes the main subject and danger in all domains and yet the responsible that we put our confidence in to solve our biggest country problems and let us live in a good environment are fighting for who gets what from recycling companies, local and worldwide. I live in a country where the majority of people work in a field that is not theirs because of power and political means. I live in a country where lots of children work and sleep in the streets instead of going to school for a better future and better life. And so many other problems that keep our lives away from security, we go out in the morning to our work or school or university,,, and we don’t know if we will get back home ever, maybe we would be killed in an explosion from a terrorism attack or from a bullet because someone decided to celebrate in firing shotgun in the air.

And despite all of this, we love to live. We go out, spend money to have some fun or eat or drink or party. Even in the worst, in war periods, I remember that lost of people were living normally when they are away from their home. Despite all of this, I think that what the world is witnessing these days is a concern that will affect us in someway but from a little far. And it will turn the table for the greatness to be less than good. It’s sometimes ironic to feel that no where is perfect. But we have the power to change.

What they have and we don’t is that the power and the strong belief that the voice of anyone will be heard. They protest and scream for the rights they believe in, peacefully, and they will be heard. They defend human rights, nature rights, animal rights,,, and eventually they will be heard. For those who are taking the road as a protest, their walls as a screaming voice and their pen as their weapons, I stand up for them. Because I also want to live in a place where I would be treated equally as a Human Being part of a community without being discriminated only because I am a woman. I want to live in a place where I have the right to choose how I live and love and with whom I live and love. I want to live in a place where the opposite and the extremes can respect and understand the other without humiliating or attacking them. At the end we will all die and what we will take with us is our reputation and our work in life toward ourselves and the others. The influences and foot prints we leave behind us are all what matters.

After all these words, I keep coming back to the influences you left on me. And I guess I can say that it won’t matter anymore, well at least not like before. Today I felt inspired from knowing that I have influenced some people in my life, that no matter what they will keep remembering me in some way. And I know I have influenced you somehow, but your ego won’t let you admit it or show it. But it does not matter because there are lots of bigger problems and lots of better moments in my life with greater people.

To be better is a blessing “Having someone who understands is a great blessing for ourselves. Being someone who understands is a great blessing to others”. “Life varies its stories. Time changes everything, yet what is truly valuable, what is worth keeping, is beyond time”

“Good is underneath every single thing that appears to be negative. If we can know that good is all there is, including in a negative situation, then we will see a negative situation transform into all good. Most people keep the good away from themselves because they label something as bad, and them of course, that becomes their reality. But there is no bad in the universe; it is just our inability to see things clearly from the bigger perspective. Peace comes from knowing that good is all that exists,,,Each person has their own personal partnership with the law of attraction. You use the law for yourself; everyone else uses the law for themselves. You cannot use the law of attraction on someone else, against their free will,,,then anybody else could create something in your life that you did not want. You create through your thoughts and feelings, and no one but you can think your thoughts or feel your feelings.”

So what if my voice is heard? Maybe it is sometimes better not to be heard, but I will never stop feeling, I will never stop writing, even if it is only for myself !

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