Home Sweet Home


Since I was a teenage girl, I used to have this secret place for my own at my hometown. When I was sad, happy, upset, disappointed by people or even when I was feeling a little bit of nostalgia, I went down to my place for some peace of mind, heart and soul.

I remember dreaming of owning a place there and wishing that someday it would be mine.

Well Karma did its job, and here I am now after many years, having this place for myself. Well it turns out to be that my mom and dad own the lands there next to each other. And now after 9 years of constructions, we finally had our first nights at our Home.

Strange how a piece of land makes you feel that you belong and exist in this world. And strange how you get attached to it, through all the memories you make and all what it really means to you, or whom it reminds you of. This is the beauty of existance: belief and moments to embrace this belief and share it with people that mean the world to you.

Am always safe there, am always happy. Even when am feeling sad, just a look at the surroundings makes me feel ok again. This weekend was a good retreat for me. And like if the scenery and cold and rain were not enough, I also had a dream about you. I was waiting for you at some place which should be yours, with your mom and my mom, and we waited and waited but you did not show up until we left. But just the idea of you in my dream was enough to enlighten my day. It was a perfect rainy cold day that I enjoyed and wished we could never leave it. I also imagined how it could be someday if we had the chance to sit together there, just us.

Well lately, am wishing for lots of things, and I keep thinking that we come to this world as a journey. I have too many wishes and hopes and things I want to say and do. I hope someday I could say and do and get all what I want. I just wish,,,

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