Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Yesterday on the road to my hometown, I saw this view and I started to think how blessed we are to being alive and witness such great life and nature being in front of us, and I remembered how blessed I am to be able to see and feel the greatness of everyhting around me.

We live in a brutal world yes, in an injustice world yes, but how come we reach the point where we think of ending our lives in just a blink of a second whenever the burden of life and circumstances come knocking our door. I just don’t understand and believe it.

Sometimes tragedy happens and in most of the cases it happens to people who are not able to defend themselves or to face the world to keep going, but where is our faith in all of that? if we believe in God, we should believe that all what happens to us are tests we must take, we must fight for our existance and the existance of our families or the lives we are bringing to this world, otherwise we should think twice and more before going through establishing new family. I know it sounds cliche but this is how I think, and I know that sometimes we plan for something and get something else instead but still we must realize exactly what we are doing and how it will be for the rest of our lives. And maybe this way of thinking is what making me single all this time, because I did not find myself yet starting this new chapter of my life, and in all of that you are still in between.

I consider myself blessed and happy. I don’t want to see how cruel the world can be, I want to see life in colors, to see the smiles on the children’s face, the hope, the love and the joy. I am blessed because I have a reliable family and a wonderful and amazing niece that I can’t wait to watch her grow. I am blessed for having few loyal friends whom for sure are by my side through sickness and health. I am blessed because I am able to live my dream and go to the places that I dreamed of since I was a little kid. I am blessed because I am alive and I am starting to see my future in another way bu fulfilling my dreams and passion: to write, to travel, to take pictures, to open some book store or book club, or who knows even to plan a winery,,,big dreams to start think of other than “finding the right man and get married”.

Seeing the memories of today last year and seeing that one of my first dreams came true by vising the place I dreamed of since I was a kid, and dreaming yesterday that my uncle passed away and seeing how we were broken and in tears made me realize that I don’t want anything else in this world. I have almost everything I want and I have more than I deserve, and if having you in my life as a good company for life than I can live with that too and be grateful.

Until next time !

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