The Castle Of My Dreams


Everytime I got to my hometown, there is this little village on the road where there is this villa I admire so much. It reminds me a little of a fairy old love story where there is this girl living in a castle in the middle of nowhere. The design of this villa always make me imagine this full moon night where you can stand enjoying the beautiful scenery from from this secured one porch from the top.┬áIt’s a strange but a good feeling I have whenever I see this place.

Sometimes I imagine having this other life where I can run away from all the problems and negativity and struggles of daily routine life to this peaceful place where nothing else matters than these beautiful nights spent with nature, mountains, greenery and even a little lake nearby. I always see myself living in this picture and having a little library of my own just around the corner and having a little field also where I can grew a little vineyard of my own. And a little garden to grow my own flowers.

It’s a beautiful goal that I can work on someday, I guess the purpose of life is not finding the right person to grow up with, it’s finding yourself to grow and enjoy the blessings of life and enjoy everyday you are on this earth and seek for what you love and start living the dream you want. We go to work everyday for a purpose, and this purpose is within ourselves, and those who didn’t figure it out yet they shall live as lost souls. This conclusion is what i ended up with, we don’t live once, we live everyday and we die only once.

This past week was a tough one on family, and I tried to be reasonable and understandable as much as I can, but I realized that it’s not up to me, if the person wills he will find the way to make it happen. And for once, I realized how blessed I am for having being patient and not throw myself at the first opportunity to be someone that I know now that am not.

Always dream big and see your life through your own eyes not anyone else, and fullfill those dreams and this life you want it to be for yourself, so that one day they can remember you as the one who lived a happy satisfying life in my own dream castle.

Happy Sunday !

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