Lebanon Revolution 2019


17 October 2019 is a date to remember in the history of Lebanon and the whole world too. It is the day where our revolution against the anti-corruption and the sectarianism for the government and religious authorities all around the country.

it all started well, from the extreme North to the extreme South, in all the cities and villages where the leader, political or religious, were “eliminated” from people’s voices to shout out for the society freedom we all seek and want someday to happen.

we all have one dream: to see our beloved Lebanon rises from all the corruptions, from any kind of segregation whether it is regional, political or religious and become as one nation, having green places and public gardens free of pollution, social and medical insurances, free education, free ensure aging, good public transportation, and that the people in the authority will be elected according to their domain and integrity,,, to live in a country with the basic human and social rights without having people of high power stealing and working only for their own economical benefits.

people have been in the streets 10 days now, there are the majority of the people who are still participating in this public strike and revolution for the good causes, but there are some people who has the fears that there is always someone who is handling the revolution against them, against a new abolition strategy for them, and unfortunately this can’t be denied nor approved.

This fear really exists and there are beneficiary people from all over governmental parties that does not want this revolution to succeed for them to rule, but the majority of people are aware of the consequences of these people strategies. i know lots of people whose goal is the same for a clean country and i am one of them, and they are protesting for the greatest cause, so is it fair to diminish their efforts and their will? but also what if the fear of exploiting what is happening and the hatred against the other that still right there deep down in most of people’s mind despite the fact of saying the opposite publicly, is still flying around and waiting for a a little spark to create an explosion?

regardless of all what happened, is happening and will happen, we have crossed a milestone in breaking barriers we thought it could not be broken, and we proved to ourselves first and to the whole world that our power is in our unity against the corruption since the sectarian system. hoping that this unity defending the purest cause, purest protests and purest revolution will win at the end against all odds and everyone against.

Demands are starting to be distracted from the main reason and cause.
We did not fail the revolution yet, but i guess the revolution is starting to grow tired of us


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