Despite waking up a little sick from a starting flu, I felt that I need to clean up my room and clothes, a little make over for the winter season. I re-arranged my book shelves which I always think of it as a sanctuary for me. It holds every little nice memory I’ve had and every little small thing I ever got from special ones. It is the place where I can be myself, thinking, dreaming, reading, writing and remembering.

I prepared for myself a hot cup of tea with ginger (for my throat obviously), put my winter bed covers, lighted the fire and emerged in a world of fantasies with my books. I did not pay attention to the time, and it was all great for me. I guess this is a Sunday well spent at home.

I always feel that in winter I can accomplish more with all that I love to do, feeling the coziness in my bedroom and just hanging there with my own world apart from everyone and everything that is going on outside these walls, my walls. Winter is always my season, my favorite time. I can just sit for hours doing things I love to do for myself, hearing from time to time the sound of rain coming down, and just live the moment. It is heaven.

And through all of this, you keep coming back haunting my mind, my heart and my soul. I keep wanting you more in my life. But am learning to not be dependent of this. I have so much to do in my life, and am willing this year to start thinking seriously about the next step of my life. Everybody looks forward to this next step of their lives, which is usually finding that special someone and beginning a new life of their own together. For me, the next step will be fulfilling my dream. And live the moment with people who matters.

My niece, is the perfect gift from God sent from above. My sweet angel, savior, my everything. She steels my heart at every beat. Sometimes, the meaning of settlement, love and life come within the family. she is already giving me tenderness and love, what else could I ask for more. And the thing that she feels secure and happy spending time in my cozy bedroom makes me feel overwhelmed.

Cheers to a better tomorrow, with a blessed winter and holiday seasons !

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